I have a reward system going on tonight.  Every time I write a page for my independent study, I get to watch this video once.


to nicotine and tang


I’ve been spending a lot of time around goats/shepherds lately.  They’re good people.  

visited the Taj Mahal the other week, you know, no big. when it comes to travelbragging I am most definitely a whore.

Shut up Leonard.

Shut up Leonard.

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If you want me to do it, I guess that I’ll do it..

Oh hey good people

turns out I’ll be graduating next fucking year.  As in, I’ll be a 20 year old college grad with fuck to show — okay maybe not fuck to show as in by that time I’ll have conducted a research project in India on child trafficking and what not.  But still.  

it’s finals/portfolio week now, could there be a better time to start tumblin again?


are slowly but surely ruining my life